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About Us


Who We Are

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKΨ) is the largest professional co-ed business fraternity at UC Riverside. We're dedicated to inspiring and educating our members to become better business leaders. Our brothers' fields of study range from Business Adminstration, Economics, Biology, Computer Science, Media Studies, Poltical Science, Psychology and more.

We've worked in nearly all areas of business from Software Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, Data Science, UX/UI, and Accounting. We've gotten our brothers here through hard work, dedication, and encouragment from each other to succeed. 

Our Core Values






Our History

The establishment of the Rho Phi Chapter at the University of California, Riverside began in the year 2000. With the help of Wayne Ke, a brother of the UCLA Alpha Kappa Psi, Rick Dong, Rho Phi’s former president, organized and started a chapter at UCR. There were 17 original students who agreed with Rick that UC Riverside needed diversity in a business fraternity. They felt the need that students should be able to choose which business fraternity they wanted to become a part of.

On May 18, 2000, appointments were delegated to a selected few that filled positions that the fraternity needed to initially organize itself. From there, rush was organized to bring in more members so that the chapter can expand. Working hard and strenuously, the original 17 brought in a successful class. On January 6, 2001, the Rho Phi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi was inducted – 46 actives swore to uphold their faith and belief in the mission of Alpha Kappa Psi.
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